Four Lawyers

Four Lawyers

Copyright   Photo: Edward Pronay

Double-crested Cormorants are seabirds that are widely distributed throughout North America. They mainly eat fish and and they hunt by swimming and diving. Their feathers are not waterproof, hence they are often seen drying themselves out of the water.

Double-crested Cormorant numbers had decreased due to use of pesticide DDT during the 1960s. Their numbers have rebounded since DDT use was banned in 1972. Although scientist are not in agreement about their role in the decline of sport-fish, they are viewed as "competitors" by anglers and recently there have been attempts to control their numbers.

For my attorney friends: Double-crested Cormorants have common names that include Crow Duck, Farallon Cormorant, Florida Cormorant, Shag, Taunton Turkey, and my favorites, Devil Bird and "Lawyer".

And for those that have a sense of humor: Maybe we should re-authorize DDT use to reduce the number of Lawyers, so that fishermen and laymen could be happy.

Eddy, thank you for the great photo.
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