Cape May Lighthouse / Easier Said Than Done!

Cape May Lighthouse - Easier Said Than Done!

The Cape May Lighthouse is an active lighthouse located in New Jersey's southernmost point. It was first lit in 1859.

Why do we take photographs? Most of us take photographs to document the places we visit, the people we meet, the events we observe, simply, the things we see. This photograph of the lighthouse is an "I was there" photo. If you search Google images you can find hundreds of photographs that look like the one above.

Photographers on the other hand attempt to communicate what they are observing with the greatest effect, the most emotion, the highest drama and a unique point of view. That is what defines the "art" of photography.

Now imagine this lighthouse glowing at dusk under dramatic clouds, shot at a unique angle. The same lighthouse would be "loaded with emotion". Of course such a shot would require a certain artistic vision, photographic skill, specific equipment, planning, patience, persistence and even some luck.

Vision, skill, equipment, planning, patience, persistence and some luck. No matter what we do, if we can bring all of these together, then, there is a great chance that we'll succeed in it. Easier said than done!
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