Turkish Coffee, Turkish Delight

Turkish Coffee, Turkish Delight

Black Tukish coffee served with a couple of pieces of Turkish delight and a glass of water.

I was enjoying this cup of coffee while in conversation with a friend about how bad things had become - socially, politically, economically and ecologically. He turned to me and asked what the solution was. Most people ignore dealing with "anything beyond them" or mock me for stating the potential seriousness of problems while not having a solution. When you ignore problems for long enough, circumvent them through artificial means and don't let things fail early so that they can be corrected, you cross that line where there may be no solution at all. The real question ought to be, did we cross that line? A solution starts at recognition.

Take for example climate change. Some are reporting a catastrophic trend and even potential mass extinction. Could we afford to be ignorant? Even though it is "way beyond me", should I be ignorant? Should you be ignorant? There is no clear solution, especially when those who might do something about it, In the United States President Trump and most Republicans, do not even recognize that climate change is a real problem. We are fucked.

Is there a class I can take for existential despair?
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