1 Donald For 25,000 Refugees

1 Donald For 25,000 Refugees

"Will Trade 1 Donald For 25,000 Refugees". Why not 25,000,000?

The New York Times predicted an 85% change that Hillary Clinton would win the presidential election. Other pollsters and media outlets predicted even higher odds. I was one of the few who thought Donald Trump would likely win; Both candidates were a disgrace. Hillary's message was: "We're doing alright and we going to better (more of the same)" and Trump's message: "Things are shitty and getting even shittier". As far as I was concerned, pretending that things were good was too much to ask of the American electorate. Donald Trump won.

Trump was smart enough to read the pains of the American people, while Hillary was lost within her own bubble. But did Trump say what he needed to say to get elected, or did he actually believe he would change everything. Well, it has been about 75 days since his inauguration and far from "draining the swamp", for the most part he's done what the establishment expects of all presidents, that is, empower big business and the super-rich. His few "populous" ideas, "Travel ban for Muslims" and "Repealing and replacing Obamacare" have been a failure. But his overturning of business and environmental regulations and increasingly hawkish foreign policy stance, etc., have not been challenged. And his outrageous statements and tweets have continued to feed the ratings of the soap opera that is network news. Things were getting really shitty before Trump and they are going to continue to do so.
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