The Future is Nasty

The Future is Nasty

"The future is nasty". Agreed. We used to think that the 1970's and the 1980's were appalling. Looking back, those decades seem so innocent now; People actually cared for things. Today we live in a nightmare where hardly anyone gives a shit anymore. Governments, corporations and the media started a campaign to keep us in a constant state of apathy, and it worked. Today, we're only supposed to be self-interested and blindly consume whatever is fashionable. We are largely uninformed but don't even know that we are so.

The future is not sustainable. Not economically, not environmentally, not politically, not socially and not psychologically. Cracks are evident wherever you look. Of course to see how nasty the future is, you first have to look. Our problems are way greater than the presidency of Donald J. Trump. Trump is the symptom, not the cause.
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