Clash of Cultures?

Clash of Cultures?

Politicians would have you believe that there is a clash of civilizations and that those who are less civilized "hate us for our freedoms" and they would do anything to "destroy our way of life". There's another explanation: You bomb them, they get angry, they bomb you, you get angry - in a vicious circle.

The idea that the primary source of modern conflict is due to cultural and religious identities is not really something new, but it is an oversimplification. As the privileged, if you exclude, exploit and hurt people of a different identity and because of their identity, backlash or "conflict" is inevitable; Whether that be racism at home or "nation building" abroad. The United States has been meddling in the Middle East for over 60 years now by supporting repressive regimes to keep the oil pumping and instituting "freedom and democracy" by overthrowing leaders it doesn't like. When ordinary people are stripped of their dignity and have no clear sense of hope, they reinforce their identity and shift towards "extremism". If you exclude and exploit, conflict will follow - U.S. is no exception...

Most people from other cultures are no different than you or me. The more you exclude them, the more different they become.
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