Cacabey Observatory, Entrance Wall

Cacabey Observatory, Entrance Wall

Pictured is the outer wall of the Kirsehir Cacabey Observatory / Medrese completed in the year 1272. In the detail below,you can see the amazing geometric forms and architectural details.

The other day, I was reading the Wikipedia article on galaxies. The history section of that article is typical of many other articles about science and mathematics: A period of scientific progress in Ancient Greece (~450-300BC), followed by a "scientific dark age", followed by the advance of scientific thought in the Islamic World (~950-1300AD), yet followed by another scientific dark age until we reach the Scientific Revolution. Science seems to progress in bursts. Why is that? Are we headed for another scientific dark age? Apparently, these are not easy questions to answer...

Cacabey Observatory Detail

Song of the Day: She Blinded Me With Science - Thomas Dolby (1982)
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