Calling Out Liars

Calling Out Liars

In the recent years, it almost seems like more people are lying more often than ever. They are telling unnecessary or irrational lies, when there is no good reason to do so. This is not something that can really be scientifically measured, but it seems like we are surrounded by pathological liars. Somehow, people have convinced themselves that "telling the truth" is reserved only for those who they care about. I wish that were true, but it's not. It's one thing when coworkers, sales associates, contractors, bank reps, politicians and corporations lie, but it's woeful when our friends, family and partners lie.

If you have to interact with liars more than once, then you have two basic ways of dealing with it; Either to let go, or call them out on their lies. When you let go, the lies grow bigger and become more frequent. When you confront them, it leads to conflict and retaliation. First they tell you it's a misunderstanding. Push them further, they tell you it's a disagreement. Knowing they got caught, then the vengeance begins. Despite all that, you have to call a liar a liar, and a lie a lie. But there is a catch. Since hardly anyone tells the truth anymore, calling out peoples lies inevitably leads to resentment and loneliness.

The wikiHow article "How to Deal With a Compulsive Liar" has to be read with a grain of salt.
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