"Not Even Wrong"

Not Even Wrong

A view of the reconstructed Lycian League Assembly Hall.

So called civilization is so perplexing that it is next to impossible to even determine whether its fundamental assumptions are nonsense or not. In the words of Wolfgang Pauli, "it is not only not right, it is not even wrong". The "civilized" are supposed to be humane, polite, educated and refined, but the history of civilization reveals that civilization has been defined by brutality, obscenity, ignorance, corruption and hypocrisy. The scientific, cultural, social and economical assumptions of the current "civilization" are "not even wrong", they are absurd.

Many indigenous - what we call uncivilized - societies place the individual human being and long term welfare of the whole community as their central concern. We "the civilized" pretend that life is a competition to the death and only the fittest survive. We invent preposterous goals to out-compete each other. Someone tell me, why we must achieve larger and larger economic growth? Does it really engender personal and social well-being, or does it lead to exploitation, inequality, a host of social and psychological problems, and most importantly, the destruction of the natural world that sustains us? Need I say more.
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