Barbie And Friends

Barbie And Friends

Another one from the NYC LGBT Pride Parade, 2015.

Confucius considered the "development" process in life to be of six stages after childhood: "At fifteen, I set my heart on learning. At thirty, I found my balance through the rites. At forty, I was free from doubts about myself [independence]. At fifty, I understood what heaven intended me to do [awakening]. At sixty, I was attuned to what I heard [spiritual maturity]. At seventy, I followed with my heart what my heart desired without overstepping the line [unification]" [Analects, 2:4]. Each stage, in its own right, is worthy of experience.

In our screwed up culture, we hate everything about getting old; Age discrimination is rampant. We are pumping billions into a booming anti-aging industry. Society primarily judges us based on our appearances and how we present ourselves. Consequently, we don't care much about mental and spiritual development. At age fifty, we think like and act like 16-year-olds. Our minds are preoccupied with recognition - not spiritual development. We kill ourselves for recognition.

Song of the Day: High And Dry - Radiohead (1995)
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