Have A Cigar

Have A Cigar

Remember the 80's. Or the 70's. The "fashion statements" of yesteryear seem bizarre to us now. In a matter of few decades, people riding around on combustible engines while smoking cigars is likely going to make the list of wacky things people did. I have to add the blue leather boots.

Other things seem to be timeless. A person riding a horse has never been regarded as bizarre. Wearing a t-shirt is not likely to go out of fashion anytime soon. Why is that? Why do some things continue to be accepted by future generations, while other things become goofy?

Maybe we have an inner-world and an inner-nature. Beside our inner-nature, our inner-world is also shaped and influenced by society. The inner-world - which determines our perspective and our behavior - is alterable, whereas our inner-nature is mostly a constant. Could it also be that, the more our inner-world diverges from our inner-nature the more we suffer? Have a cigar.

Have A Cigar
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