No Wonder Aliens Don't Come Here

No Wonder Aliens Don't Come Here

I watched a comedy special on one of the cable channels a few days ago: Andrew Dice Clay Presents The Blue Show. For about ten minutes each, every comedian effectively tried to outdo the previous one with dirty jokes. They all made asses out of themselves. None were funny.

In this age of mass media, pornography and the Internet, we have become desensitized to the point that nothing really shocks us or amuses us anymore. Entertainers, novelists and even so-called journalists have to come up with "ever-creative" ways to get and keep our attention. More and more, everything is being disconnected from reality. Almost no one has sex as it is portrayed in porn clips. Bruce Jenner 'coming out' as transgender is not "news" although every major "news" outlet spent days covering it. Saying "I'm going to rape you" over and over to the audience is not comedy.

I don't know about "aliens coming here", but I need to get the fuck out of this culture.
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