Horse And Carriage Rides / Slowing Things Down

Horse And Carriage Rides - Slowing Things Down

Horse and carriage rides are pretty popular in Izmir. Here in the Big Apple, they are trying to ban horse and buggy rides, because, "animals just do not belong on the streets of New York City". Have you been to New York City?

"Slow and pleasant" might not be compatible with the "philosophy" of doing things in a New York minute, but, slow and pleasant is the only true way to experience the culture of any city; Walking and horse and buggy rides.

Modern society is haunted by speed, rush and spontaneity. We repeat to ourselves that "time is money". We rarely take the time to absorb things. Understanding requires absorption. And the cost of speed, rush and spontaneity is often incomprehension and confusion. You will be surprised how much clarity slowing down and absorbing brings.
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