Ankara Shops / End of Urbanization?

Ankara Shops - End of Urbanization?

Ankara, the Turkish capital, is the second largest city in Turkey with a population exceeding 5 million. The city has been continuously settled since the Bronze Age, roughly for 5,000 years. The city was known as "Ankyra" in Greek, which means "anchor".

Between 1960 and 2011, the urban population rate doubled in Turkey. About 72% of all Turkish citizens now live in cities. In the United States and most of Western Europe, this number is over 80%. Considering that most manufacturing is moving to cheaper-labor countries such as China, it is inevitable that urban populations in the "industrialized" - already urbanized - world are bound to suffer. In fact, that is what we are already beginning to see in Japan, Europe and the United States. A great majority of jobs are not coming back, and urbanites all over the world are going to be in trouble. A sane person might argue that we have to be doing the opposite, building self-sufficient distributed communities. But that argument would be "too sane" to bring up. You might also find Deep Ecology to be a good read.
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