Spiritual Roots and Traditions

Spiritual Roots and Traditions

A few months ago, I read a few books by the Trappist monk, Catholic author, and mystic Thomas Merton. It is probably reasonable to say that Merton grew up as a "party guy" who got bored and became interested in religion. After receiving his B.A. from Columbia, he met a visiting Hindu monk named Brahmachari in New York, who he became impressed with. However, Brahmachari recommended that people reconnect with their own spiritual roots and traditions. Merton converted to Catholicism but continued to study Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Jainism and Sufism throughout his life. He believed that non-Christian faiths had much to offer Christianity in terms of experience and perspective and little or nothing in terms of doctrine.

Contrary to Merton, I don't think any specific doctrine enhances the "spiritual experience", but rather the level of consciousness and awakening. In each and every religious tradition, there are the wise who live and teach The Truth, and there are those who could not be further from it; Same doctrine, different levels of consciousness. Sincerely seek The Truth, and things magically begin to come together.
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