"No Hormone Tomatoes" At The Urla Bazaar

No Hormone Tomatoes At The Urla Bazaar

On my drive back from Iztuzu Beach last year, we stopped by a truck stop at a high pass on the Taurus Mountains. After a few minutes of rest, we ordered gozleme which was served with fresh local tomatoes. Best tomatoes I've eaten in a very long time. These "no hormone tomatoes" sold at the local Urla bazaar were no match in comparison.

It's said that the Green Revolution saved over a billion people from starvation due to agricultural research, development and technology transfer initiatives, ultimately resulting in higher yields. But many argue that the Green Revolution is unsustainable, questioning general food safety and environmental impact thanks to the extensive use of pesticides, hormones and GMO technologies and the reduction in agricultural biodiversity. All that is for "experts" to decide, but I know higher yield tomatoes don't taste as good as the good old tomato.

See if you spot where the following crop came from.

Tomatoes Detail
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