Soma's Killer is the Monopolist Police State

Soma's Killer is the Monopolist Police State

In total, 301 people lost their lives in the Soma coal mine disaster on May 13, 2014. The event immediately sparked a political debate, with Prime Minister Erdogan declaring the event an Act of God prior to a formal investigation. The miner families responded by forcing the PM to take cover in a local store. The event spiralled into an anti-government outrage with many blaming it on privatization gone wild in Turkey under PM Erdogan.

Privatization accelerates economic growth and makes a handful of people very rich. Then comes the problems: Concentration of wealth, corruption, monopolization, job loss, political influence by the elite, deregulation, poor performance, etc. etc. etc. And of course, poor working conditions and safety regulations.

What's written on the wall probably has nothing to do with this street vendor selling his handmade accessories, but here's a detail of his facial expression anyway.

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