Occupy May Day 2013: CEO Pay vs Worker's Pay

Occupy May Day 2013: CEO Pay vs Worker's Pay

After their non-stop "coverage" of the Flight 370 mystery for about 2 months, the MSM has finally found a new story to talk about. The new "Breaking News" is racism. First, rancher Cliven Bundy goes on a racist rant, followed by NBA Clippers owner, the billionaire Donald Sterling...

Last night I was watching The O'Reilly Factor on Fox News - something I don't regularly do. In an interview with a Harlem resident, a reporter asked the man if he was racist. He answered, "I'm too poor to be racist". O'Reilly, this time, mocked the man as representative of the "grievance industry". But there is truth in the man's answer. More than what one thinks and the biases one holds, Racism is about the abuse of power based on prejudice. What is almost never covered on the MSM is income inequality - another form of abuse of power; Prejudice against the poor.

A relatively expensive, near 700 page economics book full of technical data and analysis currently tops most Best-Seller lists and is at present Out-of-Stock on Amazon: "Capital in the Twenty-First Century" by French economist Thomas Piketty. How is it that this unlikely book came to be a bestseller? A few years ago, the Occupy Movement reintroduced the idea of "income inequality" and compelled the MSM to include it in their lexicon. "Capital" is the most convincing evidence yet of what is wrong with our economic system: r > g, in other words, Piketty's book concludes that return on capital investment is greater than economic growth.

The well-off with investment capital increase their wealth exponentially while the working class all over the Capitalist world barely keep up with economic growth - an ever increasing wealth gap. Piketty predicts that things are going to get much worst in the 21st century. We are already seeing sure signs of discrimination against the poor in legislation and in recent SCOTUS rulings. The middle-class is increasingly becoming the lower-class. A fact not covered on MSM.
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