Great Theater At Ephesus / Twitter Ban In Turkey

Great Theater At Ephesus - Twitter Ban In Turkey

The Great Theatre at Ephesus was first constructed in the Hellenistic Period, in the third century BC. It seats 25,000 people. Detail below to give a sense of how big the theatre is.

An earlier post looked at the political turmoil and the corruption scandal in Turkey. Since then, a flow of wiretaps have been released on social media, implicating Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and his inner circle. As more and more voice recordings were coming out, earlier yesterday, Erdogan threatened to ban "Twitter, mwitter!" saying, "This has nothing to do with freedoms. Freedom does not mean the right to intrude on someone's privacy, or to pass the state's secrets to the international arena". Yes, it looks like people "intruded on his right to pillage with impunity and expose his secrets". As of few hours ago, Twitter website is 'blocked' in Turkey.

It gets better metter each day: "Bakara makara, inek minek, twitter mwitter..."

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