No Sun, No Sky, No Ground or Sea

No Sun, No Sky, No Ground or Sea

Maybe the alchemists of many classical philosophical traditions around the world had it right when they talked about the five classical elements all existence rests upon: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire all bound by the Fifth Element Aether (The Void). And, more likely than not, our blind faith in science, technology and what we call progress is leading to our ignorance of what is essential for existence. After all, it is the sun (fire), the sky (air), the earth (ground), the sea (water) and their manifestation in our consciousness (aether) that constitutes and sustains life as we know it.

No sun, no sky, no ground or sea, and there is no "I", nor is there a "we". All that is necessary for life is in this one photograph. Even the elements on the Periodic Table "exist" only because we are conscious of them; And human consciousness is ultimately dependent upon the sun, the sky, the ground and the sea.

The destruction of life begins with the destruction of the air, the earth, or the sea. That is exactly what we are doing - destroying the land we feed off, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. And in a twist of irony, we insistently call this destruction, "progress". Our scientific "knowledge" of chemistry is no panacea, but, our very destiny might hinge upon the immediate resurrection of our "understanding" of alchemy. The sun, the sky, the ground, and the sea, all apprehended in our being, are each a blessing.

The contrail gave me the excuse to write up this post.
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