Warming Up / Lying With Statistics

Warming Up - Lying With Statistics

This man was sitting over warm air ducts to warm up on Arch Street, Philadelphia.

Yesterday Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a record high despite a persistent 8% unemployment rate and a pitiful 0.1% growth rate. Of course, the real numbers are much worse than that. The reality defining the vast majority is "impoverishment". Between 2007-2009, home equity fell by about 35% and and since 2007 there have been over 25 million foreclosures. A recent study showed that Americans fail to understand and underestimate the seriousness of Wealth Inequality in the United States. The middle class is all but disappearing. Here's a very disturbing video of the extent of Wealth Inequality in America. The top 1% of Americans own 50% of all stocks, bonds and mutual funds, whereas most Americans can not invest at all. The "market doing fine", or the "economy recovering" are just other examples of Lying With Statistics.

Song of the Day: Goody Two Shoes - Adam Ant (1982)
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