Recycle Me!

Recycle Me!

To reduce the impact of human waste on the environment, people have been tying to come up with ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle materials. The problem is, many products and things we use are just not designed to be recycled after their use. Consequently, recycling often costs more and uses up more energy than just trashing something. But trash is also a serious environmental issue. The exploit-trash-pollute, then exploit-trash-pollute some more cycle seems unstoppable.

These days, everything seems to disposable; from our thoughts, to out significant others, to our beliefs, to our ethics, to the goods that we use. We ditch everything. Well they say, "that makes the economy grow", but I'm not so sure. The mind that disposes, becomes the "disposable mind". We become expendable when we are perceived to be "no longer useful". No one wants to recycle anything because "it costs too much", therefore there is trash everywhere. We all make each other feel like trash. We need to build things to make them last and we need to replace what we have taken each time. Maybe then we can be sustainable ... "It's not easy being green".

Song of the Day: Born Again - Black Sabbath (1983)
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