Amish Girl(s) At Reading Terminal Market

Amish Girl(s) At Reading Terminal Market

Reading Terminal Market has a number of Amish merchants who sell fresh produce, jams, grains and Amish specialties.

Most Amish still farm the old fashioned way. Many still use horses to plant and plow their fields instead of tractors and other equipment. Many do not use pesticides. They use manure and crop rotation instead of fertilizers to keep the soil healthy. Their farming methods are consistent with their religious, family and community values. For them farming is not just a job, but also a sacred lifestyle. They grow a diversity of crops and raise various animals following the signs of nature as a planting guide.

It is not all that easy to get genuine Amish products, and most products labeled 'Amish' are not. Philadelphians are fortunate because they can purchase genuine Amish products from the Amish themselves at the Reading Terminal Market.

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