Miracle in the Making

Miracle in the Making

This photo, taken in Brooklyn last week, triggered a whole array of subjects to write about; The miracle of life, the controversies surrounding reproductive rights, population sustainability, the culture of life, the culture of death, our responsibilities to future generations, the economics of raising children, maternity leave in the U.S. and elsewhere... and the list goes on. Reproduction, after our innate desire to live, is the most fundamental drive of life, a primary biological imperative, yet, the human species manages to rationalize, philosophize and legislate even that.

I guess there is all but one question when it comes to reproduction: Is life on earth sustainable given the direction we are heading? Will our grandchildren, or our great grandchildren, think of us as the last generation who sealed their demise? This question is not meant to be some sort of environmental fear mongering. In fact, I think that the mental toll of so called civilized life might take a precedence over the environment - our collective psychosis will bring our destruction. Although there are many who believe that the universe was made for man, with the implication that mankind will survive as long as it is the will of God, I do not think we can exploit the earth and each other with impunity. We overestimate the capabilities of our species, and underestimate Mother Earth. The informed choices we make today is a far better bet than the expectation of a miracle after we've destroyed each other and the environment. If there is free will, then we have a duty and the responsibility to do the right thing. If there is no free will...

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