Occupy Wall Street: Destroy Soron / Labor Unions

Occupy Wall Street: Destroy Soron - Labor Unions

May Day (May 1st), beside being a traditional spring holiday in many cultures, is also celebrated as the International Workers' Day in more than 80 countries. The Labor Movement began during the Industrial Revolution seeking better working conditions and treatment of employees. In the United States, Labor Union membership has been declining steadily since its peak in the 1950's, and with it, wages, benefits, and working conditions of American workers. With increased rate of economic globalization in the last 20-30 years, the American workers have been unable to compete with China and other countries where labor laws are almost nonexistent or unfavorable to workers. Countries such as Sweden, France, and Germany, which kept on paying high wages, now have better industries than the U.S.

American Labor Unions are bound by laws specifically designed to prevent them from taking part in strikes about issues outside of their own workplace. Despite that, the Occupy May Day event attracted some unions. One of the girls in the photo was shy to hold up her cardboard sign, and needed a little encouragement. "Destroy Soron!" her sign read, most probably a reference to Sauron from J. R. R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings". In the story, Sauron manufactures Rings of Power to give to different races, and then he secretly forges the One Ring: "The One Ring to rule them all" and corrupt those who wear them.

More Occupy photos.

Song of the Day: Fellowship of the Ring - Howard Shore (2001)
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