"...Ability To Organize Chaos" - De La Vega

...Ability To Organize Chaos - De La Vega

This is another message from street artist James De La Vega photographed in 2003. "Your mind has the amazing ability to organize chaos". There is a second message inset between Your and Mind that reads: "Your dreams have the amazing ability to disorganize reality".

Here's more from De La Vega:
  • "Beauty magazines make my girlfriend feel ugly."
  • "Believe in yourself and stop trying to convince others."
  • "The game of capitalism breeds dishonest men."
  • "The best remedy for a cheap person is to have him pay for everything."
  • "This moment is more precious than you think."
  • "Sleep is America's leading profession."
  • "You can sell your soul and not even know it."
  • "Life destroys weak relationships."
  • "The things that happen to you now often make sense later."

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Song of the Day: Solaris - First Sleep - Cliff Martinez (2002)
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