Philadelphia Zoo: Western Lowland Gorilla / The Thinker

Philadelphia Zoo: Western Lowland Gorilla - The Thinker

The Philadelphia Zoo is home to six Western Lowland Gorillas. Gorillas are the largest living species of primates. They are native to the tropical or subtropical forests of Africa. Gorillas are highly intelligent animals that have rich emotional lives, and can make and use tools.

Gorillas are one of the closest living relatives of humans. 95 to 99% of their DNA is highly similar to that of a human. In fact, according to a recent study published just last week, based on the first completed genome sequencing of a gorilla, "across 15% of their genetic code, gorillas are more like humans than chimpanzees". Chimpanzees, who are our closest living relatives, split off as a separate species about 6 million years ago. New evidence indicates that gorillas separated from humans and chimpanzees around 10 million years ago.

The Thinker, by Auguste Rodin is considered by many art historians to be one the most famous sculptures in the world. The very first 1902 cast is displayed in the Musee Rodin in Paris, with some twenty other original castings displayed across the world. The Thinker "is depicted as a man in sober meditation battling with a powerful internal struggle". The statue is commonly used to represent philosophy.

Above, I present you with a photograph of a, flesh and blood "Thinker".

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