Florence Street Artist: Doni Tondo, Michelangelo / "Sleepers Wake"

Florence Street Artist: Doni Tondo, Michelangelo - Sleepers Wake

CopyrightGuest Photo  Photo: S. Sims

The ideas that characterized Renaissance began in the late 13th century Florence. Renaissance (14th to the 17th century) is traditionally viewed as the period that signaled the end of the Dark Ages and bridged the Middle Ages with the Modem Era. It influenced every aspect of intellectual life in Europe, from literature, philosophy, art and music, to politics, science and religion.

Tondo is the Renaissance term for a circular work of art, usually a painting or a sculpture. The street artist pictured is recreating the Michelangelo painting Doni Tondo. The painting features the Holy Family; child Jesus, Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph.

Among many modern scholars and historians, the extent to which the Renaissance has improved life in Europe is a debated issue. While some point to the corruption, wars, witch-hunts, rise of Machiavellian politics and economic recessions of the era, others liken Renaissance to "a veil being removed from man's eyes". Renaissance literally means "rebirth". Maybe the time has come for another rebirth?

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