Life is Sweet

Life is Sweet

Life is Sweet. It is also chaotic. Although most of us would like a crystal ball, chaos prohibits clairvoyance and prophecy. To keep life sweet, we have to learn how to flow; how to make constant small corrections...

Four childhood friends, Noran, Crates, Zheng and Mach all have financial problems due to tough economic times. Noran is indifferent to his situation. Crates is obsessed with trying to make sense of it. Zheng moves from one financial adventure to the next. Mach robs a bank.

So, for which of these friends did life turn out to be sweet?

In some Universe: Noran is homeless, Crates drives himself mad and commits suicide, Zheng continues with his business ventures, Mach strikes it rich and becomes a leading philanthropist.

In Another Universe: Noran takes it easy and lives in bliss, Crates stumbles upon an idea as big as evolution, Zheng takes too much risk and becomes bankrupt and Mach goes to jail.

Who has the advantage? The ignorant one? The one that is obsessed with the problem? The adventurous one? Or the "use any means to solve the problem" one? Chaos dictates that no one has the advantage. Any advantage comes from the individuals ability to make miniscule corrections and not from how they are generalized. Confusing? I know.

Zheng He was a 15th Century Chinese explorer.
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