Philadelphia Mural (Callowhill St. and N. 19th) / "Secret Book"

Philadelphia Mural (Callowhill St. and N. 19th) - Secret Book

This mural, sponsored by the Philadelphia Reads program is located around the corner from the Free Library of Philadelphia on Vine St. The mural seems to depict the idea of expanding imagination through reading. Although too small to see in the scaled down photograph, the young student in the mural is reading "And now I will unclasp a secret book", taken from the history play King Henry IV by William Shakespeare. In the quoted section of the play, the Earl of Worcester is encouraging his nephew Hotspur to lead a rebellion against King Henry:
  • And now I will unclasp a secret book,
  • And to your quick-conceiving discontents
  • I'll read you matter deep and dangerous,
  • As full of peril and adventurous spirit
  • As to o'er-walk a current roaring loud
  • On the unsteadfast footing of a spear.
In the end, the rebellion fails, Hotspur is killed in battle and the Earl of Worcester is captured and executed. Sometimes it is not so wise to "unclasp secret books". What one does with their imagination is more consequential than merely having a big imagination.

This "Secret Book" titled mural is by Joshua Sarantitis.
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