The View from Amos

The View from Amos

The ancients sure knew where to build a city. The ancient city of Amos, located not too far from Marmaris, was incorporated into the Delian League in the 5th century BC. The city was built on a steep hill with a full panoramic view.

I couldn't find any immediate information on the Internet about the decline of Amos, or why it was deserted; Most likely war or conquest, self-inflicted ecological catastrophe, natural disaster, or degeneracy leading to political and social collapse - It's almost always one or more of those.

Talking about degeneracy. As the American economy unravels, a degenerate, ruthless and increasingly aggressive - even violent - culture is redefining our so-called "American values". It has become a struggle to deal with people in everyday affairs - at work, at the mall, in traffic, during official business and even on the phone. People don't seem to deal with economic pressure too well and even the relatively well-off are unnecessarily contentious. If there is a war or some major disaster, I'm not so sure if American society is capable of avoiding spiraling into collapse...
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