Unthinkingness, Unfeelingness

Unthinkingness, Unfeelingness

It seems, throughout history, every preceding generation has complained about the degeneration of the next. But this time it's different. Globalization and monopolization of culture thanks to television and the internet, a constant stream of psychological suggestion promoting consumerism and selfishness, and the devolution of education into vocational training have brought about a phenomenon where most people have become incapable of critical thinking and feeling non-narcissistic emotions.

This phenomenon is not limited to Americans. Almost everywhere you go, you can observe masses of unthinking and unfeeling people who are unable to distinguish between fact and fiction, truth and untruth, right and wrong, the real and the unreal, the important and the trivial. They are incapable of caring. And, they have no clue that they are lacking. Most don't mature with age anymore. Most are stuck in a state of infancy - malleable and manipulable.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey just won a referendum that gives him broad and arguably authoritarian powers.
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