The Democratization of Self-Worship

The Democratization of Self-Worship

Throughout history, many authoritarian leaders, using propaganda tools, create an idealized, charismatic, strong, heroic, flawless and worshipful image of themselves. With the advent of technology and access to gadgets that allow us to manipulate our image in any way we desire, we have democratized the cult of personality into a form of self-worship.

Those with big egos, those who hold that belief in self is supreme, seem to succeed and live perfect lives, while those who are down-to-earth are seemingly more miserable. It's natural that we all want to be desirable in some way or another, but when we spend obsessive amounts of time manipulating our image than actually bettering ourselves, and when society expects and rewards that, we are left with a whole generation of lost, deeply disconnected individuals who are incapable of grasping reality. Sadly, many are not even aware of their own self-worship.

All religions at core levels warn of self-worship. It's not one's self-image that is supreme, it's the Truth - whatever that my be. Stray from the Truth, and you pay for the consequences. And the society of narcissist individuals we're building today is bound to be a source of great suffering in the near future.
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