Caveat Lector

Caveat Lector

We are mostly interested in new things that we can relate to. But that is somewhat deceptive. Society rewards scientists, innovators and intellectuals who discover or invent new things. But that is also deceptive. If you take Twitter followers or YouTube hits as a measure, only a few follow scientists, innovators and intellectuals while celebrities, football stars and cat videos get a mass following. Why is that?

In the last 2,000 or so years, there is little if any improvement in human cognition. Although each of us differ in our individual capacities, the range of human experiences seem to be bound in hard limits. Some are a little more compassionate, others are a little more selfish, but we are all bound between selflessness and selfishness. Once you understand these boundaries, you would think there is not much else to discover about human nature. As humanity, there isn't, but as individuals, we strive to find a balance and constantly revise some of our assumptions. Unfortunately that means we can easily be influenced and even manipulated. Our interests are rarely defined by self-discovery, but by others. We're less interested in the "new" and more interested in things that sustain our previous assumptions in the most effortless manner. Consequently, we go nowhere and never realize our human nature.
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