"Winter Is Coming"

Winter Is Coming

Syrian refugees in Samos, enjoying a beautiful island sunset. But, winter is coming.

More than 500,000 refugees have arrived in Europe this year and many are living in streets or around border crossings, waiting for their refugee status. All in all, over 6.5 million Syrians have been displaced, millions still in refugee camps in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. And no one has a clear idea on how they might make it through this winter. We have a humanitarian disaster unfolding right in front of our eyes and the powers that are most responsible for destabilizing Syria aren't doing much. Expect tragic news throughout this winter.

Talk is cheap. We've been "advancing freedom and democracy" all over the Middle East since the September 11 attacks by bombing the whole place. Millions dead, wounded and displaced, countries in, or on the brink of civil war: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan and Syria. Why? Neither America nor Europe is safer because of these campaigns. On the contrary, we have a migrant crisis, and radicalization is rapidly spreading. It seems the only winners are the weapons manufacturers and maybe fossil-fuel companies. It's nothing but insanity!
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