Coming Down To Earth

Coming Down To Earth

A few months ago, I criticized Stephen Hawking for suggesting that a robot takeover is a threat when more imminent threats were obvious. Over a year ago, I wrote that the real threat was Capitalism - through which a new class of robot or automation owners are emerging. I suggested an unprecedented paradox: "Capitalists, who are becoming 'robot owners', will no longer need humans to produce their goods and services, yet they would need them to purchase their goods and services; but a great majority of people won't be able to purchase them because they won't have jobs".

Looks like Steven Hawking read my posts [maybe he did?] or came down to earth after some thought. In a recent article he suggests that "machine owners will become the bourgeoisie of a new era, in which the corporations they own won't provide jobs to actual human workers" and that "economic inequality will skyrocket as more jobs become automated and the rich owners of machines refuse to share their fast-proliferating wealth".

It's shameful when serious scientists are unable to workout the order or the priority of things. The "science" you do is irrelevant if humanity is about to self-destruct. Wake up scientists!
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