Abortion On Demand?

Abortion On Demand?

I try to avoid writing about wedge issues because once people have made up their mind, it's hard to convince them otherwise. On wedge issues, each side frames their argument using a different lexicon, speaking past each other.

Abortion is framed as "women's right to choose" by those who are for it and as a "sanctity of life" issue by those who are against it. When politicians and clergy enter the debate, the whole issue becomes a means to manipulate people for different agendas. Take for example, "the sanctity of life" argument. I think George Carlin does the best take-down ever. If you are arguing that all life is sacred therefore abortion should be banned, then you can not be arguing to bomb the hell out of the Middle East. Having fixed, unnuanced opinions on most wedge issues, irrespective of side, imply a level of doublethink.
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