"We Will Pray For Your Intentions"

We Will Pray For Your Intentions

"We will pray for your intentions". What does that mean? If my intention is to rob a bank, will they pray with me? The Gospel of Prosperity, otherwise know as "the health and wealth gospel" is morally indefensible. I do not think religion, especially Christianity, is about material rewards and favors by God.

The idea that you will get rich, have a beautiful wife, a big house, a steady job, good health and healing only if you pray to God and ask for it, is preposterous. But it sells. It has always sold. "Keep paying your tithes to the Church, and you will be materially rewarded back by God" has definitely enriched Churches and clergy, but I'm not sure God answered the prayers of most. Maybe they didn't pray hard enough?

My point here is not to make fun of religion. I too am a believer in giving and supporting your religious institution. What is disturbing to me is the blatant distortion of religion. The "assumed causation" that prayer yields material riches is not supported by reality, nor is it supported by the gospels. Assuming a causation where one does not exist is invariably perilous, and I'd argue, contrary to the essence of all religions. In Tanzania, albinos are murdered by witchdoctors who believe their body parts bring luck and health. "Assumed causation" is dangerous.
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