The Look...

The Look...

Maybe it's time to take writing a little more seriously? Many great writers warn to keep it simple, remove clutter and rewrite-rewrite-rewrite. They are not wrong. It's true that most of my better posts have been rewritten multiple times, simplified and decluttered.

Writing itself is not an ambition for me. I have no expectation of earning a living from writing. The primary purpose of these pages is to take notes and to explore ideas. Most of the text that I write is inspired by the photos I post, combined with whatever is occupying my mind on that day. And yet, when I write carelessly, it annoys me.

It used to bother me that many of the concepts I explore, discover and write about were written before me. And often, I was later discovering that someone had "coined a term" to encapsulate the very concept I was working on, but could not quite articulate. I guess that's natural. We are all ultimately subject to the same phenomena that defines life.

We are all standing on the shoulders of giants; Plato, Aristotle, Lao-Tzu, Buddha, Zeno, Cicero, Saint Augustine, Avicenna, Rumi, Shakespeare and thousands of others. And yet, there is a need to discover or rediscover ideas as they pertain to and explain the realities of the present.
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