Happy Hour? / Escapism

Happy Hour? - Escapism

Happy hour is a marketing gimmick employed by some bars and restaurants to attract customers by offering discounts on alcoholic drinks during non-peak hours. The problem with happy hours is that you are often sick by the time "the action heats up".

Nearly 88,000 people die from alcohol-related causes annually and 30.8 percent of overall driving fatalities are due to alcohol impairment *. 40 percent of violent crimes occur under the influence of alcohol *. And so much for "happiness"; As many as 25 percent of alcohol abusers suffer from "severe psychiatric disturbances" *.

So, why do we drink to begin with? There are many theories. Neuroscientists tell us that we drink to reduce associations in our mind. In other words, we drink to escape the burdensome task of making sense of the world. We also free ourselves from our narcissistic self and allow ourselves to break social taboos. If drinking is chemically induced escapism, then what does that say about so many?
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