The Devil's in the Details

The Devil's in the Details

Another one from the Philly Zombie Crawl. How did the pentagram turn from being a symbol of the Five Wounds of Christ to becoming occult symbol evil representing the triumph of matter over spirit?

The fundamental teachings of almost every religion, and our current ideology and assumptions of the "driving forces" of life are diametrically opposite. Religion teaches us to be empathetic and compassionate while our current ideology sees empathy and compassion as weakness. Religion teaches us to be our brother's keeper, the dominant social ideology teaches that only the fittest survive. In their core principles, religion unites, society divides. And before you challenge this last point, read the Parable of the Good Samaritan. Religion promotes social justice, the dominant ideology assumes discrimination. Religion values substance over style, whereas society promotes style over substance. Examples are plenty.

It could be said that religions were founded the keep detrimental "social assumptions" in check. But history tells another story. All religions - without exception - corrupt to a degree where they they themselves become a source of ideology for destruction, division, discrimination, intolerance and injustice. They take the role of justifying and rationalizing evil under the pretext of fulfilling God's will. Political systems, science and technology do not fare better. Whether it's religions, or political systems, or technology, eventually, actionable empathy is "rewarded" with scorn while malice is "punished" with riches. Do you still think Google honors their own motto: "Do no evil"? Somehow, The Internet was supposed to "set us free".

The Devil is always in the details.
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