Cars, Television, Meditation

Cars, Television, Meditation

This three-wheeler is the new Polaris Slingshot. Looks like a fun ride.

It's amazing to me how much people love cars. I just visited the Slingshot Facebook page, and they have thousands of "likes". Before Jeremy Clarkson was suspended, BBC's "Top Gear" had 350 million weekly viewers worldwide, 40% of which were female. It's said, Top Gear's "universal appeal" comes from its "storytelling method". Is it appeal or conditioning?

I recently read a most interesting book titled "Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television" by Jerry Mander. Convincing, especially given that I had a problem with television to begin with. Passively watching a TV show about cars is not the same as actively going on a road trip. The same is true for all spectator sports viewed on TV. Passive forms of entertainment are unnatural and even dangerous. Television is likely the most passive of them all, even more so than radio...

Someone said meditation is just as passive as watching television. Is it? While meditating, we are not bombarded with a continuous stream of images and false narratives designed to influence our unconscious minds. On the contrary, meditation helps dispose of thoughts and images and reach a clear state of mind where we listen to our own nature. Meditation clarifies, television confuses. Meditation purges, television accumulates.
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