Dalyan Mud Baths

Dalyan Mud Baths

The Dalyan Mud Baths are among the most popular natural mud baths in the world. If you can stand the rotten egg smell of a mix of sodium chloride, hydrogen, sulfur, bromide and fluoride, and don't mind the low levels of "natural" radiation, then it's worth the trip for a good exfoliation. It's said that the baths are good for conditions like rheumatic pain, arthritis, skin inflammation and joint edema. I don't know why it's relevant, but, the mud baths have been visited by Dustin Hoffman, Sting, Jack Nicholson and David Bowie, among others.

The procedure is a lot of fun. You dig some mud from a natural mud pool - careful it's slippery! Cover yourself with it. Put yourself to dry in the sun until your skin feels the cracking. Rinse in a freshwater shower. Then spend some time in the sulfur pool.

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