The Apocalypse Is Boring!

The Apocalypse Is Boring!

Eschatology is a lot of fun. The numerous myths and stories of the "End Times" are imaginative, graphic and creative. The depictions of apocalypse include things like, divine signs, tribulations, the righteous being separated from the wicked, exiles, wars, peace times, rapture, judgement, resurrection, reincarnation, rebirth, unworldly creatures, beasts, angels, devils, creation cycles, anachronisms, freaky weather, other mysterious atmospheric events, eclipses, miracles, and not to mention, meteorites, aliens and robots. I was actually looking forward to some of that stuff.

The apocalypse is boring! Technology is annoying, music sucks, movies are recycled, people are predictable, history keeps on repeating itself, cultures are merging and fusing ad nauseam, politics is as usual... Rather than relishing a spectacular apocalypse, it looks like we are going out like boiling frogs. Boring! I used to joke to friends that "I wasn't there in the beginning, but it sure looks like I'm going to be there at the end". Never did I expect "The End" to be so boring.

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