The Temple of Trajan at Pergamon

The Temple of Trajan at Pergamon

The Temple of Trajan was one of the most spectacular structures built on the highest point in the upper acropolis of the Ancient Greek city of Pergamon. Construction of the temple began in 114 AD during the reign of the Roman emperor Trajan. Prior to the Romans, the city of Pergamon and the surrounding region was ruled by the Attalid Dynasty.

The most notable Attalid king was Eumenes II, who, for the love of his brother and his successor Attalus II, founded the Ancient City of Philadelphia; the City of Brotherly Love. Eumenes II also greatly expanded the Library of Pergamon, one of the great libraries of the ancient world. In expanding his library, Eumenes II introduced the use of parchment (charta pergamena) for transcribing manuscripts after Egyptians refused to export papyrus to Pergamon.
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