VMO's Not GMO's

VMO's Not GMO's

I'm not sure what VMO stands for; Most likely some sort of a Vegetable Marketing Organization. The problem with Genetically Modified Organisms and the biotechnology companies that engineer GMO products can be summarized under two broad categories. The first is the long term health effects of GMO products. A growing number of studies are questioning the safety of Genetically Modified Food. The second is the aggressive marketing and bullying tactics of biotech companies, pushing GMO products at the expense of farmers worldwide.

We are polluting the soil, air and water at unprecedented rates. But rather than doing something about this insanity, big corporations, hand in hand with major governments, have already turned this into a resource war, all attempting to control the worlds food supply. Whoever controls the food supply effectively controls the people. Even the current crisis in Ukraine can be attributed to a fight for food resources. But this war game, if played, can only end in a no win situation. These corporations and governments fail to recognize what healthy soil, fresh air and clean water mean for our very existence.
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