"Different Names For The Same Thing"

Different Names For The Same Thing

Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama. All different names for the same thing. They pretend to differ on relatively trivial things, but when it comes "things that matter" to you, or to me, they are one and the same; They serve the oligarchy.

Last April, Martin Gilens, a professor of politics at Princeton University and Benjamin Page, a political science professor at Northwestern University published their research findings which concludes that America is best described as an oligarchy - a government in which power rests with a small number of people. The researchers took roughly 1,800 different policy initiatives in the years between 1981 and 2002 and then compared those policy changes with the expressed opinion of the average American. They found that the enacted policy reflected the opinions of major lobbying or business groups, and not average American citizens.

Song of the Day: Different Names For The Same Thing - Death Cab For Cutie (2006)
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