"Arete" at the Library of Celsus

Arete at the Library of Celsus

Arete, is an Ancient Greek concept, translated as the virtue of "excellence". It can be understood as "reaching your highest human potential, in everything you can, as best as you can", especially in knowledge. Simultaneously knowledgeable, involved, brave and effective person was regarded a person of arete.

This statue of Arete which is in the Library of Celsus at Ephesus, is a personification of the virtue of arete - much like the Lady Justice statues we see in courthouses and courtrooms of today.

The library houses three other statues that personify wisdom (Sophia), intelligence (Ennoia), and knowledge (Episteme). Put your knowledge to use!

Note: I almost forgot. If you ever visit Ephesus, be very aware of using a tripod! A couple of "Tripod Schutz-Staffel" (SS) approached me rudely, and told me: "We know it does not make sense, but you can't use a tripod as an amateur". No arete there! I told them I was going to post it on the Internet. Here it is. Turkish Ministry of Culture, are you listening!
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